Cyanotype prints

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Here i will post all my cyanotype prints.They are signed,numbered on back side and embosed.All prints are 100 % handmade by myself.Most of prints are available in my web page. Some of them are strictly limited to only one from each.I can make few copies from any print,but they will be slightly different,beacuse i use sunlight for printing.All pictures are real and not photoshoped.

"A Cyanotype print (hand applied potassium ferricyanide and ferric ammonium citrate used to create an actual authentic blue print) on 350 gsm Tintoretto white paper.

Roses - 31/47 cm

The Coke - 31/47 cm


Second - 31/41 cm , 350 gsm Tintoretto white paper.

McDuck 2013 version - 31/41 cm , 350 gsm Tintoretto white paper.

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Debbie Harry - 33/49 cm,350 gsm Tintoretto white paper.

THE KING - 33/49 cm 350 gsm Tintoretto white paper.Tracing paper negative.

Round Golden Church, Preslav
33/49 cm
350gsm Tintoretto white paper
Tracing paper negative
15 minutes sun exposured time

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