"DECKED OUT" An exhibition of art on skate decks (Group show)


An exhibition of art on skate decks (Group show)

Opening night: June the 14th, kl 19:00
Exhibition dates: 15.06 - 08.07
Opening times: Wed - Fri (11-17) and Sat (10-16)
Nuart Gallery, Salvågergata 10 - Stavanger (NO)


“Decked Out” is a newly inaugurated annual exhibition that aims to explore the rich contribution that skate culture has brought to bear on the contemporary art field. Featuring art, photography, installations and films, the exhibition aims to celebrate the extraordinary creative production and cultural influence the skate-deck has had on Street and Urban Contemporary Art, revealing the true spirit and vitality of street culture and its ever expanding influence on visual art practice.

Gritty, authentic and sincere this loose-knit group of street artists are part of a lineage that traces back to the dynamic East Village scene of the early 1980s, a moment in New York City when the renegade spirit of street culture collided with the art world to dramatic effect. The unifying traits of those early artists whose styles and distribution channels still remain largely outside of the art worlds but whose influences are still felt today. These include a critical interest in pop cultural iconography, strong often absurd images and narratives, sticker culture, hip hop and punk with a strong do-it-yourself ethic that unites street skating with street art through its unabashed claim to “rights to the city”. Decked Out tips its hat to the generation whose work continues to influence artists, filmmakers, and designers who continue to use the “street” as the grit in the oyster than makes the pearl.


AFK (NO), Bortusk Leer (UK), Carrie Reichardt (UK), Ciran Glöbel & Conzo Thron (UK), Dr. D. (UK), ELKI (UK), Ella & Pitr (FR), Ernest Zacharevic (LT), Hama Woods (NO), Jeff Gillette (US), John Fekner (US), JPS (UK), Julien De Casabianca (FR), Kennardphillipps (UK), Levalet (FR), Maismenos (PT), Martin Whatson (NO), Mobstr (UK), NIMI (UK/NO), Nina Ghafari (IR/NO), Nipper (UK), RH74 (NO), Skurk (NO), Snik (UK), Spazuk (CA), Tilt (FR), Wan HO (CH/NO) & MORE


All of us at NUART believe in helping foster a global creative community. We host exhibitions, collaborative online and offline projects, art events, festivals and workshops of all types. We are always looking to collaborate with other fields. Though we are primarily a Street and Urban Contemporary focused gallery, we support a strong interdisciplinary approach to ‘making’ – and frequently look for alternative and interesting ways to engage the creative community. Whether it’s through a printed project, an interactive element, or an online project, we promote the theory that all artists are multi-faceted, idea-centric individuals whose creativity goes well beyond the technical aspects of the work into the experiential and experimental side of art making and appreciation.

JOIN US ON JUNE THE 14th, kl 19:00 for the opening night!


For preview sheet and sales enquiries please mail us on sales@nuartgallery.no


So glad to have super art star Jeff Gillette ‘on board’ for the show! Here is a little sneak peek for one of the amazing decks he contributes with. “Disneyland resort”, outstanding work on a skate(d) deck! Come take a closer look June the 14th kl 19:00 and/or mail sales@nuartgallery.no for previews!


This is why we love them! Nuart Aberdeen 2018 artists Ciaran Glöbel & Conzo Throb (UK) WIP for the show :slight_smile:

Here is a link to this year’s festival video where they talk about perfectionism, graffiti, art world elitism and ‘the’ mural for Nuart Aberdeen that everyone was talking about Nuart Aberdeen - Conzo Throb and Ciaran Glöbel on.... Check it out!


Boooom! Free society! :fire: Our girl Nina Ghafari rocking it! Here is an image of the raw, strong work she made as a contribution to the show! Mail sales@nuartgallery.no for preview catalogues and/or come check it out next Thursday, kl 19:00 :rocket:


Just received this image from UK’s wonderful duo snik who will be joining the line-up for the show!!

Snik is a street art duo that has been working with stencil and spray paint for over ten years. Staying true to their form, Snik hand cuts up to nine layers of stencil at a time, working with different mediums, techniques, paints and varnishes. Their ethereal compositions combine realism and fantasy with the theatrical play of light and shadow to depict characters suspended in time.These frozen scenes tell stories of the everyday and the beauty that is found there, but it is Snik’s attention to detail and their bold aesthetic that has most come to define their signature style.
Have a look at the wall they painted for Nuart Aberdeen 2018 here https://www.facebook.com/pg/nuartaberdeen/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1716043975144804 and mail sales@nuartgallery.no for previews!


See what just came in :scream: “Help” by Hama Woods is one of our latest additions to our upcoming show “Decked Out”.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see it live and in color this Thursday the 14th at 19:00! :fire::fire::fire:


Terrific line-up x terrific works = :fire::fire::fire:
Decked Out goes up today :rocket:
Join us tomorrow, kl 19:00!!!


@Nuartgallery How do you recommend hanging these on a wall?


Ser veldig bra ut :tada:


“Lineage” by ADD FUEL (PT), another mesmerizing contribution to our latest group show “Decked Out”.

This work is available for 9000 NOK + 5% BKH. Check it out at our website at www.nuartgallery.com


Guess you mean www.Nuartgallery.NO :smirk:


“A Screaming Skull Is Your Only Companion” is Wan Ho’s latest collaboration with us for “Decked Out”.

It is available for 4000 NOK + 5% art tax. Check out our website at www.nuartgallery.no for further details!


Hi! Yes, typo :confused:
Address is www.nuartgallery.no.
Thanks for pointing it out :slight_smile:


‘Morning boys’ are in da house!
Just collected this stunning work by Glasgow-based artists Ciaran Glöbel and Conzo Throb from the post office! Decks are available both individually and as a set. Mail sales@nuartgallery.no for further details! :fire:


Kan du legge ut nærmere bilder fra de andre brettene også? Har ikke muligheten til å reise over og se de live desverre


Today we introduce to you our newest addition to the Nuart family of artists: COZE (IT).

Coze is a graffiti writer that has been active since 1996. Born in southern Italy, he has been roaming the streets and riding on trains from the tender age of 15. From his humble beginnings tagging buildings and trains in his hometown, his career has flourished resulting in extensive travels around the world and artistic collaborations with several spray can and clothing brands.

He loves demonstrating that basic, primitive graffiti can be just as strong as complicated lettering and characters. His focus on letters, strong colors and cartoon characters is a reflection of his history as a true graffiti artist.

The artwork shown is a skateboard he made for our most recent group show: Decked Out. This worked titled “Source of Power” is available for 4500 NOK + 5% art tax.

Check out our website at www.nuartgallery.no for more info!


Stunning work by one of our girls, artist Rh74!

RH74 is a Stavanger-based artist and street art enthusiast whose work is a blend of fine and urban art. Half of the NIMI & RH74 duo, she has worked together with Nimi Streetart on several Nuart and Nuart Aberdeen projects to date.
With a passion for figuration and portraiture she is mainly responsible for the fine details found in the duo’s impressive large-scale murals.

“Soul To Squeeze” - depicted below - is her contribution to the “Decked Out” show. It is acrylic and spray-paint on skate deck, unique, 2018. Price: 4500 NOK + 5% BKH

Available here Soul To Squeeze - NuArt Gallery or on sales@nuartgallery.no


Thanks for the message and interest.
We have uploaded further images from the opening night here Decked Out - NuArt Gallery
If you would like to have close-ups for the individual works instead, may I ask to contact us on sales@nuartgallery.no and we send them over?
Many thanks


Hi there!
Sorry for the late response, haven’t seen this before :frowning:
There are several options for hangers. We wanted to have a sort of floating system and ordered hangers from the UK. They are hand made, super safe for the work and not invasive at all - we have them in the gallery if you are based in SVG and want to check them out :slight_smile:
Unfortunately they don’t really suit the horizontal works, so for those we came up with a DIY solution and used long nails. This works for a temporary show, not sure for a permanent solution though :wink:
Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Finally in da house! Mobstr (UK) with another fantastic piece!

“Yeah Mate”, spray paint on skate decks, 2018, 7000 NOK + 5% BKH. Available here Yeah Mate - NuArt Gallery or on sales@nuartgallery.no

YEAH MATE :wink: