FairArt - A New Kind of Marketplace

Hello everyone,

We’re excited to introduce you to FairArt - a new kind of art marketplace for buying, selling and giving back.

I can see that a few of our customers have already mentioned the platform on this forum, but I wanted to personally introduce ourselves :wave:

This LeagueOTO article does a good job at introducing FairArt and answering some commonly asked questions.

In short, FairArt is built with both collectors and artists in mind. For the first time, artists will receive a royalty for every transaction made on the platform. This is done without compromising on value for collectors - we charge some of the lowest fees in the industry, competing with the likes of eBay and StockX.

It may seem counterintuitive, but we want to create a marketplace in which it is profitable for collectors to support artists through secondary sales.

We are beyond grateful to the collectors and artists who have helped us get to this point and cannot wait to hear what you all think.



What if the artist is dead and has no heirs, where will the money go then?

What if the artist has a hidden identity, such as e.g. Banksy, where will the money go then?

How will you prove to the seller and buyer that the money has been transferred to the artists?


Thank you for these questions @Toris64.

I have broken down answers to all 3 below:

Firstly, I though it might be of interest to hear a little more about how royalty payments work. The royalty is fixed on all works. If a sale is complete, royalties are set using our payment partner Stripe and paid out to artists on a quarterly basis. We have an extensive database that allows us to directly reach every artist or their management whose works are listed on FairArt. An artist does not need to be signed up to the platform to receive royalties, we do all the grunt work for them.

1 We will continue to pay out royalties to an artist’s estate for a period of 50 years from the end of the calendar year in which the artist died. After this time, all royalties will be donated to an arts charity. In the unlikely event that an artist does not have an estate, the royalties will be donated to an arts charity. We currently only have contemporary artists on FairArt and there is little risk of the scenario playing out for the foreseeable future.

2 All artists on FairArt have been hand selected by the team and we have a means of contacting them directly, or in the case of somebody like Banksy or Blu, we have an address for their management on file. If royalties go unclaimed for a 12 month period after the initial point of contact, the funds will be donated to an arts charity.

3 We’ve been working on FairArt for a number of years, and it would feel like an immense waste of time if within just a few months of launching, our entire ‘raison d’être’ was proven to be a lie.

A number of artists are already aware of the platform and have taken part in interviews for our Instagram page - it wouldn’t take long for them to start calling us out publicly if we weren’t telling the truth about royalties. We are a limited company and would also be in serious breach of the The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations if we failed to pay out royalties as promised at the end of this month.

Royalties are paid out on a quarterly basis and the first payout cycle will take place at the end of this month. We cannot share our private communications with artists, but all past sales are readily available to view on the site and you can of course get in touch with the relevant artists to ensure they have received their royalty payments.

I fully appreciate that our approach is unorthodox, and that some will inevitably be sceptical at first. I hope the above has given you greater assurance, but equally happy to discuss this further if needed and open to suggestions.



Thanks for the detailed information :+1:

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It’s my pleasure @Gulosten.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekends

Hello everyone, we’ve got a new feature announcement!

Bulk listing lets you lets you sell multiple works in just a few clicks.

We’ve managed to list as many as 100 works in 15 minutes - the below video gives you an idea of how it all works.

Use of this new feature is currently limited to FairArt partners, to apply please email collecting@fairart.io or get in touch via the live chat on FairArt.



Hello everyone,

We’ve got another new feature announcement.

Once again, this has been added in response to your feedback, so please keep it coming!

You can now ‘follow’ your favourite artist(s) and be updated on any new listing, offer or sale of their work on FairArt.

You can also now add artworks to a ‘watchlist’ to ensure you never miss a sale or change in price again.

See how it works in the video below :slightly_smiling_face:


Explained - Follow + Watchlist


Out of pure interest - Does the artist or galleries find it problematic when you’re selling artworks under a non-resale agreement? I get that the no-resale clause is a case between the original seller and the gallery, and you’re the middleman - but do they accept the royalty you pay out without question?