FIRST CLASS -second edition 100% CHARITY SALE

Hello there

Some people ask me to make a second edition from my FIRST CLASS release.There is few copies left and they are available in my website.All money from sale i will use for Charity to help friend family.They lost them work’s,now both parents are without any money help.I know in this situation are a lot of people in the world,but this is the least I can do for them.We are all humans and must help between us.

If like new version of this print just go my webpage :

If not there is no problem.I wish you all best and please keep yourself and your family too in good health.

Name: First Class - second edition ( handcut and hand sprayed )
Size: 32/38 cm
Notes: Signed,Embossed,Numbered

Tanx a lot for support,i really appreciated.

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