The Millerntor Gallery #7, Hamburg 29.06-02.07.2017


Spennende prosjekt… hadde vært gøy å fått noe tilsvarende i Norge :wink:

Every yeah, the stadium of FC Sankt Pauli in Hamburg, Germany becomes an open platform for dialogue and exchange on a local, international and intercultural level. There, one can find Millerntor Gallery, an art, music and culture event whose aim is to support the work and water projects of Viva con Agua. Sticking to the “Art Creates Water” motto, their initiatives have helped bring clean water to countries, areas and regions around the world, through numerous socially active volunteers, supporters and visitors – all of this by using the universal languages of art, sport and music. Changing our planet one festival at a time, Millerntor Gallery presents educational programs and artworks of various genres and celebrates creativity.

After six very successful editions, The Millerntor Gallery #7 will once again take place at the stadium. The 2017 motto is “YOUTOPIC”, chosen to shine a light on the individual and social will to change for the better, a world without social injustice. Taking place between June 29th and July 2nd, YOUTOPIC will become an occasion of social responsibility, bringing together people and initiatives with a vision. But how did such a project come to be? What are the challenges of organizing a cultural event at a stadium? What can we expect from YOUTOPIC? About this and more, we talked to Anna Lafrentz of Millerntor Gallery. Have a read below! Les mer…