The Observer - Solo show by Skurk (NO)

It gives us great pleasure to announce ‘The Observer’, a solo show by Bergen based artist Skurk (NO).

Exhibition dates: September 5th – October 6th
Opening night: 05.09 at 19:00
Nuart Gallery - Salvågergata 10, Stavanger (NO)


The Observer as a concept stems from the artist’s deep-rooted fascination with the woods and a growing desire to leave behind all the digital tools of the trade. Every single artwork is the result of a time-consuming, labour-intensive and exclusively analogue process. Within each one lies a hidden message, seamlessly blended in with the tree-rings. An observation of a time and place in history that this particular tree has lived through.

The exhibition showcases original artworks on paper as well as on canvas which are hand printed directly from the wooden source. There will also be a selection of screen prints, including a triptych of the original observers that marked the beginning of this year-long study. In addition to the visual art contributions, Skurk has also collaborated with Bergen’s sound designers to bring out the voice of the trees. The result can be heard and bought at the exhibition in the form of a beautifully crafted vinyl.

As the artists states, “The Observer is by far the most complicated and extensive project I have undertaken. I hope you enjoy the exhibition as much as I have enjoyed making it.”

We very much look forward to welcome Skurk to the Gallery!

*Disclaimer: no living trees were intentionally harmed in the making of the exhibition. The woodcuts used in the process were foraged exclusively from fallen trees from the hills and valleys of western Norway.



SKURK has been a fixture within the Bergen street art scene since 2013, but it wasn’t until 2016 that the artist got his international break with the mural Angler Fish at Rådalslien School. The piece, which incorporates both the connected staircase and wall lamps in its clever design, went viral after being picked up by the online street art community.

In the years since, SKURK has experimented with a variety of visual expressions while in the search of his own niche. In the artist’s own words, “Having your art recognized is a fantastic motivational boost, but what really drives me is constant self-development. Trying out new techniques and looking for unique ways of expressing myself.”

In 2017, SKURK donated the mural Piece of Mind and a cut from the accompanying print release to the charity, Psych Aid, which offered psychosocial aid to children suffering from war trauma. This piece, much like the Angler Fish before it, signaled a clear change of direction for SKURK in terms of both visual style and thematic, and has acted as stepping stone towards his current project The Observer.


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Skurk with a brand new monster wall in Bergen! As the artist writes “Not the easiest wall I’ve done, but definitely happy with the result and spot in Damsgård, Bergen! A 42 year old poplar tree, hand painted from one of the prints coming to my first solo exhibition at Nuart Gallery next month. Looking forward to sharing more of this project in the weeks ahead!”

We are very much looking forward to see what Skurk has in store for the show! This is one not to miss!!


Skurk har bra talent, liker retningen han går I nå. Fortsett🎉

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Poplar 1975 - 2017 and Poplar 1975 - 2017 inverted, one layer screen print, 80 x 80 cm, edition of 15 each, 2018. Prints will be released as a part of Skurk’s upcoming solo show The Observer - Solo show by Skurk (NO) on Wednesday, Sept 5th at 19:00 and will be available for purchases in person in the Gallery and on our website on Further information, images and lots of surprises coming soon, subscribe our newsletter or mail if you don’t want to miss out on the latest updates :fire:


WIP for the show! Always nice to see some process photos and have a closer look at the ‘behind the scenes’ preps for a show.

Here are a few shots of the manual work that Skurk put up for each one of his original pieces. Every single print in “The Observer” series has been hand pressed from the original woodcut. It’s a highly manual process: chop, plane, sand, burn, ink, press, conceal & sign. No computers involved.

These trees have all lived through (observed) a significant event in human history. The prints seek to capture these unique moments in time. A hand written quote has been concealed within each print, at the actual point in time the event took place. Count the rings. It will help you find your place in the larger historical context.

Due to the hand-printed nature of each piece, no two are exactly alike.

We are very much looking forward to this one. Join us next Wednesday at 19:00!



Utrolig fine de arbeidene her

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Skurk sneak peek! As a contribution to his upcoming show The Observer - Solo show by Skurk (NO), Skurk will release 5 edition prints. Below is a sneak peek for ‘The Observer’ series. The Observer 1923 - 1999, The Observer 1950 - 2004 and The Observer 1955 - 2017, one layer screen print on black paper, edition of 30 each, 50x50 cm, 1500 NOK for individual prints or 3800 NOK for the triptych. Prints will be available at the door during the opening night and online on on Wednesday the 5th at 19:00

Duality and Singularity! 10 small originals hand pressed on paper by our Skurk will be given away to the first attendees tonight. First come first served basis. Doors open at 19:00 sharp :alarm_clock::rocket:

Poplar 1975 – 2017 and Poplar 1975 - 2017 (inverted) by Skurk (NO)

Medium: One layer screen print on 300gsm black paper

Edition: 15

Size: 70 x 70 cm

Year: 2018

Description: Signed and numbered by artist

Price: 2500 NOK + 5% BKH // Pair: 4300 NOK + 5% BKH

RELEASE DATE: 05.09.2018 at 19:00 CET on

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Poplar 1975 – 2017 and Poplar 1975 - 2017 (inverted) by Skurk (NO)

NOW AVAILABLE" Check out for all the available prints!