We are happy to kick off the 2018 program at the Gallery announcing ‘Urban Art Norway’, a group show of prints and originals from Norway’s leading names in contemporary urban art as well as emerging talents.

Opening night: 15.03 at 19:00
Exhibition dates: 16.03 - 15.04
Nuart Gallery - www.nuartgallery.no


Opening night: 15.03 at 19:00
Exhibition dates: 16.03 - 15.04
Nuart Gallery - www.nuartgallery.no



Our newest exhibition, includes a roster of Norwegian artists who have a direct relationship to graffiti, street art and related urban cultures and whose work, with intent or not, challenges the traditional relationship between citizens and the city, art and commerce, insiders and outsiders.

The show seeks in many ways to explore the variety of styles and techniques the work of these artists have to offer, ranging from the stencils of Martin Whatson, AFK, Argus and Hama Woods to Nipper’s Mission Directives, DOTDOTDOT’s recent detailed works, NIMI and Sinnsykshit’s intricate paintings to Skurk’s newest project ‘The Observer’.

Whether it is a sticker, wheat-paste, tag, piece, mural, stencil or urban intervention, whether it is produced for a festival, sanctioned or unsanctioned, funded or not, it is an act of appropriate citizenship at a time of political, environmental and economic crises. So, yes, Urban Art Norway! Come check it out!


Featured artists:

AFK (NO), Argus (NO), Atle Østrem (NO), DOTDOTDOT (NO), Fru Bugge (NO), Hama Woods (NO), Jan Olav Forberg (NO), Martin Whatson (NO), NIMI (UK/NO), Nina Ghafari (IR/NO), Nipper (UK/NO), Sinnsykshit (NO), Skurk (NO), Wan Ho (CH/NO) & more


For sales enquiries and preview catalogues, please mail us on sales@nuartgallery.no


WIP WIP!! Something is cooking! HAMA WOODS busy cutting details for a new print to be released as a part of the URBAN ART Norway show! Stay tuned, more info coming shortly!! :star2:


Skurk paid us a little visit yesterday and dropped a new strong series of works from their ongoing project ‘The Observer’ to be included in the show. Here is a couple of in progress shots along with a brief description for the project.

“Every single print in The Observer series has been hand pressed from the original woodcut. It’s a highly manual process: chop, plane, sand, burn, ink, press, conceal & sign. No computers involved. These trees have all lived through (observed) a significant event in human history.
The prints seek to capture these unique moments in time. A hand written quote has been concealed within each print, at the actual point in time the event took place. Count the rings. It will help you find your place in the larger historical context.
Due to the hand-printed nature of each piece, no two are exactly alike”

Come take a closer look next week or mail sales@nuartgallery.no for interest :slight_smile:


Disse trykkene er skikkelig flotte og man kan se det manuelle arbeidet som er gjort. De tar seg godt ut på veggen rammet inn i eikeramme. Ønsker Skurk og NuArt lykke til med utstilling. Observerserien er etter min mening det mest gjennomførte Skurk har gjort til dags dato.

Gategalleriet selger på vegne av Skurk.


Thanks for the wishes, Christer. Very strong concept and very high quality work, agreed on that :wink:



We couldn’t choose a better day to announce Norway’s leading female stencil artist HAMA WOODS’ newest print release with us! Print will be released as a part of the URBAN ART Norway exhibition, in a small run of 30 only, each one hand-finished and unique.

Below is a close up of the two little characters, final image coming shortly - keep an eye on our social medias these days and subscribe our newsletter on https://nuartgallery.no/ if you don’t want to miss out on it! :fire:



‘Holding On’ - one of the works that local stencil artist TREF has dropped for the exhibition! Come check out her work next Thursday and/or mail sales@nuartgallery.no for interest! :balloon:


Keeping it up with great art from badass women artists! Here is one of Fru Bugge​’s newest works to be included in the URBAN ART Norway​ show!:boom: Mail sales@nuartgallery.no for interest and join us next Thursday :fire::fire:


Introducing Sandie Carol who will be joining the line-up for our upcoming show!

Sandie is a French-Norwegian artist, based in Vitry sur Seine, France. After working as a photographer for two decades, she realised the digital colours didn’t give her the same pleasure as the beginning and stepped into a new way of expression through photography by creating her own colours that she now uses to decorate her images. Her work is therefore multimedia, mixing photography, acrylics and spray cans.
She has participated in several street art events in France and Norway, with street artists such as C215 (FR), Nimi (UK/NO), AFK (NO), Skurk (NO) and this opened up for a new artistic expression, made with heart and hands in the streets. One of her works in Vitry « Fjord Dream » appears in the Parisian street art guide «Guide du Street Art à Paris» and she is represented in contemporary urban art galleries in Norway and in France. She is currently based in Vitry, France.

Here is what French artist C215 says about her work “Sandie’s work reflects her sensitivity, her poetic vision of the world, which she veils with a pictorial layer while unveiling the dreamlike side of reality”. Give Sandie a warm welcome to the Gallery and come check out her work on Thursday!


HAMA WOODS ‘Tacking Over’ rats getting ready for tomorrow’s hand finishing!! Each print will be hand-finished and unique, none will look alike. It will be a small special run of 30 only, to be released on Thursday night as a part of the ‘Urban Art Norway’ show. Final image will be published tomorrow - keep an eye on our social medias and mail sales@nuartgallery.no for interest!!


New fantastic works just in by Jan Olav Forberg, to be shown at our URBAN ART Norway show tomorrow at 19.00! :fire: Mail sales@nuartgallery.no for interest :email:


HAMA WOODS hand-finishing her new print to be released tomorrow as a contribution to the Urban Art Norway exhibition! Each one will be hand-finished and unique :paintbrush:
Mail us on sales@nuartgallery.no for interest! :email:


New and old works in by NINA GHAFARI :clap: come check them out before they disappear off the shelves tomorrow at 19.00 as part of our URBAN ART Norway show​:boom:…
:email: Mail us at sales@nuartgallery.no


Skurk newest addition to ‘The Observer’ series! ‘The Observer 1991-2018’, 37.5 x 38 cm, edition of 9, 2018. Price: 1150 NOK

The edition will be released tonight as a contribution to the URBAN ART Norway show and will be available in person in the Gallery during the opening and on our online store at 19:00 CET.

Visit https://nuartgallery.no/product/observer-1991-2018/ or mail sales@nuartgallery.no for further information!


HAMA WOODS PRINT RELEASE tonight at 19:00!

‘Rats taking over’, 5 colours screen print on 300gsm Conqueror connoisseur 300g paper, 40 x 30 cm, edition of 30, 2018.

Available in 3 different series, ‘Rats taking over’ (Edition nr. 1 - 10), ‘Rats taking over writers’ (Edition nr. 11 - 20), ‘Rats taking over dictionary’ (Edition nr- 21 - 30)

Each print is unique, hand finished with acrylics, signed and numbered by the artist.

Price: 1350 NOK

Release time: tonight, March the 15th at 19:00 CET at the door during the opening night and online on https://nuartgallery.no/

Get them until they last :wink:


HAMA WOODS and Skurk edition prints NOW LIVE!

Check our release page on https://nuartgallery.no/ and be quick, there isn’t many available :wink:


:boom: NEW FRESH WORK ALERT :boom: “No Way Home #2” by NIMI
Come into the gallery and take a look with your own eyes :eyes:

Mail us at sales@nuartgallery.no if interested :email:


Wan Ho’s “Raven” displays a dream-like quality that is tough to beat.
We are more than proud to include his latest work in our Urban Art Norway show. Feel free to pass by and see the eagle soar :eagle:

Mail us at sales@nuartgallery.no if interested! :email:


HAMA WOODS Rats Taking Over John Fekner :smiley:
The print was released on the opening night for URBAN ART Norway in an edition of 30, each one unique and hand-finished.
This below is included in the “Rats Taking Over” series and is a tribute to John Fekner’s work.
Check it our here https://nuartgallery.no/product/rats-tacking-series/, other two series here https://nuartgallery.no/


During her stay in Stavanger, Sandie Carol gifted the city with a new piece for Stavanger’s outdoor museum. Work is called ‘Miss Sunshine’ and was produced as a part of the URBAN ART Norway show in the Gallery!

It can be found in the city centre, at Cementen and in the Gallery, here https://nuartgallery.no/product/miss-sunshine/

Check it out :slight_smile: