AUCTION : 1970s / GRAFFITI / TODAY: The Primer

Terrific to see the likes of Swoon, whose work you can see on Fargegate in Stavanger, joining the pantheon of Graffiti greats in Philips upcoming New York sale. Most of these artists are well represented in international collections, particularly Basquiat and Haring but also the likes of Barbara Kruger and Jenny Holzer who share this history alongside Crash, Futura and Rammellzee etc. It’s interesting that auction houses are now dominating an area which should rightly be being explored by contemporary art curators, you don’t have to dig very deep to understand that this people’s alternative art history is where the story of what it means to be human aka “art” and the audience really lives, but I guess the social capital lay elsewhere in institutional practice. I wonder which Norwegian institution will be the first to mount a major exhibition.