‘Conker The World’ Print Release - 31st May 2017 at 16:00 CET

Stencil artist JPS first painted ‘Conker The World’ in an abandoned factory in Germany last year and recently painted a full colour version in Norway.

We immediately fell in love with the piece, another trademark JPS who’s known for his handy stencil work mixed with clever wordplay.

Conker The World’ depicts a young boy and girl playing the traditional game of ‘Conkers’ but in this game JPS cleverly replaces the conker by a globe.

We all have it in us to conquer anything we put our minds to, so dream big and conker the world!

You can find out how the print was hand-pulled in this one minute behind the scenes video.

For those of you who get lucky, there’s also a special rose, silver and gold bow edition, in addition to the main edition. Finally there’s 4 fully hand-sprayed versions on deep-edge canvas which measure 100 x 100cm

’Conker The World’ is being released on Wednesday 31st May 2017, at 16:00 Norwegian time.

Print and canvas editions will be available here: www.graffitistreet.com/store


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JPS - Conker The World (Main Edition)

JPS - Conker The World (Rose Edition)

JPS - Conker The World (Silver Edition)


JPS - Conker The World (Gold Edition)