"DECKED OUT" An exhibition of art on skate decks (Group show)



We are delighted to announce that a series of original artworks painted on skate decks will be released through the Gallery by one of Nuart’s favourites aka Martin Whatson. Skateboards can be preordered NOW and will be shipped after the summer holidays.
Series of 10, each one unique. Price: 9000 NOK + 5% BKH.
*For European customers only!
Mail sales@nuartgallery.no to reserve one now!


“Enjoy Skateboard” by NUART FESTIVAL and Nuart Aberdeen artist Ernest Zacharevic.

Classically trained as a painter and with a degree in fine art, Lithuanian-born artist Ernest Zacharevic describes himself as “a fine artist who prefers to work on the street.”
Based in Penang, Malaysia, he has built a strong reputation in street and fine-art circles with the emotional impact and interdisciplinary nature of his work. Moving freely between oil painting, installation, sculpture, illustration and stencils, Zacharevic regularly combines real objects and painted figures to produce interesting and exciting compositions.

Here is his contribution to the Decked Out show! Stencil and spray can on skate deck, unique, 2018. Price: 12000 NOK + 5% BKH. Check it out here Enjoy Skateboard - NuArt Gallery or mail sales@nuartgallery.no for interest! Enjoy Graffiti :wink:


Julien de Casabianca’s latest addition to our Decked Out show!

Julien de Casabianca, ever since he launched his Outings Project, has been bringing the museum to the streets. Classical Renaissance and Rococo art paste-ups on building walls, lamp posts, and now skateboards.

The Fall Of The Angel is available for 8500 NOK + 5% art tax. Visit our website at www.nuartgallery.no for more info!


Terrific work by Peter Kennard for our ongoing Decked Out show! Deck #2, mixed media on skate deck, unique, 2018. Have a look at Deck #2 - NuArt Gallery or mail sales@nuartgallery.no for further details!

Also, here is an interesting reading about his work which was bought by the Imperial War Museum and hangs in the Tate https://www.bigissuenorth.com/…/2018/07/peter-kennard-cut-…/. Check it out! :wink:


“Fair Play” by French artist Levalet for our ongoing show ‘Decked Out’! Acrylic and ink on wood and skate decks, 80 x 20 x 76 cm, unique, 2018.

Levalet often displays his works on the streets of Paris and definitely has a sense of the absurd. He fills niches in urban spaces with his black and white drawings that interact with their environment in an original and entertaining way. His figures are often hiding, climbing, peek-a-booing from some crevice in the pavement or object on the street. Sometimes sequential images are placed in an almost sitcom fashion to amuse and befuddle lucky passers by.

Levalet’s humour brings to mind the wholesome cheekiness of filmmaker Jacques Tati, touching on our obsession with material goods and the stress of modern living.

Functioning like optical illusions, Levalet’s art brings life to the mundane in an unexpected way. Opus Délits has published a book on his works and he is permanently exhibited in the Cabinet d’Amateur gallery.

Visit Fair Play - NuArt Gallery or mail sales@nuartgallery.no for further details!


‪Fabulous duo Ella&Pitr strike again with their anamorphic creatures. Their latest contribution to our most recent show, Decked Out!‬

‪Eat ME is now available for 13 300 NOK + 5% art tax. Check out our website at www.nuartgallery.no for further details!‬


JPS latest contribution to our show Decked Out!

“Influence” references to several pop culture icons of film and music of the 20th century. Something that JPS often alludes to in his work. Some of the icons portrayed here include Uma Thurman and John Travolta from Pulp Fiction, as well as Biggie Smalls, and Natalie Portman and Jean Reno from Leon: The Professional, among others.

The piece was achieved through stencil and spray-can work on skateboard deck, and is priced at 7500 NOK + 5% art tax. This work can be purchased through our gallery at Salvågergata 10, or at our website www.nuartgallery.no.


Decked Out is still going strong, and today we remind you of this wonderful piece by Bergen-based artist NIMI - “Painless” :muscle:

This spray-paint and stencil work on skateboard deck is available for 6000 NOK + 5% art tax, check out our website at www.nuartgallery.no to order!


MAISMENOS is often recognized for his sleek monochromatic work, as well as his societally criticizing work often presented through throat statements and thought provoking images.

This time he strikes again with this black stained, molded petg skateboard - “Palindromeboard”, his latest contribution to our skateboard show Decked Out.

This masterpiece is available through our website at www.nuartgallery.no for 7500 NOK + 5% art tax.