Goat Save The Queen pt.II - ! OUT NOW!


Introducing our latest art print release “Goat Save The Queen pt.2”. This captivating piece is a fusion of creativity and craftsmanship, brought to life through a one-color screen print and hand-finished with spray paint on luxurious 350 gsm Tintoretto 100% pure white paper.

Measuring 33/33 cm, this artwork embodies elegance and exclusivity, limited to just 3 editions worldwide. Each print is meticulously detailed, signed, numbered, and embossed by the artist, accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity bearing the date of creation.

“Goat Save The Queen pt.2” invites viewers into a world where imagination reigns supreme, offering a fresh perspective on tradition and playfulness. To acquire this exquisite piece and explore more of Noa Prints’ work, visit our website at www.noaprints.com. Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of this unique artistic vision.

Artis: Noa prints
Title: Goat Save The Queen pt.2
Media: One color screen print,hand finished with spray paint on 350 gsm Tintoretto 100% pure white paper
Size: 33/33 cm
Year: 2024
Numbers of Edition: 3
Notes: Signed,Numbered,Embossed,Date + C.O.A.

Web: www.noaprints.com

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