"Grey Scale: the art of cutting and spraying", A group show of stencil art


A group show of Stencil Art

Exhibition dates: August 9th – August 25th
Opening night: 09.08 at 19:00
Nuart Gallery - Salvågergata 10, Stavanger (NO)


Grey Scale surveys the most popular, authentic and democratic form of street art to emerge in recent times.
Tracing its 35,000 year old lineage from pigment blown handprints across Asia and Europe to it’s use in political propaganda, decorative arts, industry, the punk movement and more latterly, the explosion of the form in contemporary Street Art practice.

Banksy’s visit to Bergen in 2000, where he decorated the venue for Tellé Records debut compilation alongside stencilling 100 Røyksopp promo album covers kick-started a Norwegian love affair with the stencil that is still inspiring artists today. It wasn’t long after Banksy’s visit that the likes of Dolk and Strøk began experimenting with the medium and produced Norway’s first contributions to an art movement and technique that would shortly after sweep the globe.
Showcasing work from our roster of recognised international artists alongside pioneers and emerging Norwegian names. Grey Scale includes contributions from stencil art pioneers such as John Fekner, Blek le Rat and Banksy alongside some of the most talented emerging names today.

Artist line-up and further announcements coming soon!



Booom! ELKI love!!!

Over the past 15 years Nuart Aberdeen artist Elki has developed a unique, photorealistic style using hand-cut stencils – no mean feat considering the number of layers required for each piece – operating out of his studio in Glasgow. Having made the move to legal walls and commissions, he has developed his work to produce some of the best stencil pieces in Europe over the past few years. Although his style and execution may have changed since those early days in Aberdeen, Elki continues to produce work with reference to numerous subcultures associated with street art, graffiti, sneaker and DJ culture with the occasional nod to Scottish heritage with the odd bit of tartan here and there! Check out the below video and join us for the Grey Scale: the Art of Cutting and Spraying show where his work will be featured!!


Norwegian stencil art at its best for our upcoming ‘Grey Scale’ show !! HAMA WOODS x Martin Whatson close up! :fire:
Join us next week and mail sales@nuartgallery.no for previews and interest! :rocket:



Featuring works from AFK (NO), ARGUS (NO), C215 (FR), Dotmasters (UK), ELKI (UK), HAMA WOODS (NO), Jaune (BE), John Fekner (US), JPS (UK), La Staa (NO), m-city.org (PL), Martin Whatson (NO), NAFIR (IR), Slava Ptrk (RU), TREF (NO), VON DIECHE (NO) & MORE along with works plucked from the Nuart collection by the likes of BLEK LE RAT, DOLK, STRØK and more.

ONE NOT TO BE MISSED! MAIL sales@nuartgallery.no for preview sheet and join us next week at 19:00 :fire:


Introducing Malene Dekke Eik/Von Dieche (NO) who will be joining the line-up for our forthcoming show ‘Grey Scale: The Art of cutting and spraying’.

Von Dieche is a Norwegian based artist working within the realm of fine art and street art. She is currently working on the series Fragments; which combines sculpture with various painting techniques and installation methods in order to explore the relationship between street art and the ‘white cube’ of the gallery space.

The creation of these fragments requires serial processes, such as stencilling and moulds, as well as traditional oil painting techniques. White plaster is used in the creation of the bricks to embody the white gallery wall, whilst their form and texture imprints the familiar urban backdrop of street art.

Depicted below is her latest addition to Stavanger’s outdoor museum! Come check out her work on Thursday, kl 19:00!


Gallery ready to be dressed up! Grey Scale, Thursday the 9th, kl 19:00.

Feat: AFK Street Art Argus C215 Dotmasters ELKI HAMA WOODS Jaune John Fekner JPS La Staa m-city.org Martin Whatson NAFIR Slava Ptrk TREF Von Dieche & many more! Mail sales@nuartgallery.no for interest and come check it out if you’re in Stavanger! :fire::fire:


The self-taught Iranian artist Nafir with a new pair of mirroring stencilwork

Nafir´s stencilwork embodies scenes of suffering, but are balanced by his ability to understand form and execution. His streetart subjects are often scarcely colored, as he puts an emphasis on the canvas. The canvas is as much the subject as the art itself.

For the Dead Not Living #1 and #2
Size: 90 x 75 cm
Price: 11.000 NOK + 5% BKH
20.000 NOK for the pair
Available at : sales@nuartgallery.no


We are so looking forward to welcome family member and good friend Martin Whatson to Stavanger for this year’s NUART FESTIVAL. While we wait to see what he has in store for the festival, here is the ‘Polar Bear’ he sent as a contribution to our Grey Scale: the Art of Cutting and Spraying show. Work is currently on display on our walls and available in person in the Gallery and/or on sales@nuartgallery.no!

This stencil was recently painted on a wall in Longyearbyen, on Svalbard island. Have a look at the images below and go check it out if you happen to be at the North Pole :slight_smile:




Global Cooling by Belgian stencil artist Jaune sitting pretty in the Gallery!
Come take a closer look and mail sales@nuartgallery.no for interest :slight_smile:


The level of detail in ELKI’s work as well as his dedication to putting art on the streets has elevated him to almost mythical status across the North East of Scotland. While we wait to see what he has in store for this year’s @nuartfestival, here is a little video for the works we currently have on display in the gallery. Have a look at the video below and/or mail sales@nuartgallery.no for interest!:star2: