Jo Bentdal - Interfaces

Shoot Gallery, Oslo (February 2-16, 2017)

Interfaces, The Truth, The whole Truth and nothing but the Truth

We have the pleasure of launching our first SHOOT MARKET EVENT with a new series by Jo Bentdal.
The event is a mini exhibition presented in the Shoot Market section in the gallery.

Opening reception: Thursday 2 February, 6-8 pm
The artist will be present.

Exhibition periode:
February 2 - 16, 2017
Tuesday - Sunday 12-17

A series of portraits of boys in the transition between childhood and old age.
We might get the impression that a portrait allows for insight into the mind of the depicted person. The artists intention is, however, rather to give us a tool to inspect ourselves. And what content and role does these faces carry in the process of our self inspection? What are we offered when inspecting these faces?

To quote T.J. Clark in his essay "World of faces»:
“What word will do here? ‘Appearance’ is weak, ‘apparatus’ too Cartesian, ‘outlook’ too clever. The word ‘interface’ might serve”.

So if we give that suggestion some thought: The face as an interface between the mind and the outside world - How precise and definitive is the correlation between your inner map and the outside reality? Between what you perceive and what objectively IS. What do you see in these faces, what feelings do they convey, who do you think these people are, what thoughts do they have, what context, situation or experience induced whatever was on their mind? - and finally: isn’t all you can know for certain what your reaction to the encounter tells you about yourself?

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We are looking forward to seeing you!

JO BENTDAL (1968, living and working in Oslo, Norway)
With success at The National Annual Autumn Exhibition 2015 at Kunstnernes Hus, purchase of one of Norway’s major cultural foundations, participation in The National Annual Autumn Exhibition in Copenhagen and a solo exhibition at Shoot Gallery 2016, bougth by the corporate collection of DNB, Jo Bentdal is one debutant worth noticing.