Martin Whatson Dancer/Ballet Canvas

Hallo. Beklager, jeg bruker google translate, som jeg er basert i USA. Jeg leter etter en Martin Whatson Dancer / Levitate / Ballet typer lerret eller akryl. Klar til å betale opptil 100.000nok. Gi meg beskjed hvis du har noen tilgjengelige.


Hello, and thank you for taking the initiative to post on the forum in Norwegian, using tags and putting this into the correct category!

Feel free to post in English, as most norwegians will understand and probably communicate better in English. Also better to do so to avoid any confusions / have misunderstandings along the way.

Welcome to the forum :blush:


Okay! Thank you! I’m surprised I was successful in posting this to the right category :smiley:

As the post says, I am looking for Martin Whatson ballet/dancer canvases or prints. I already have his Dancer in Desert and in White, as well as an acrylic Passe, and En Pointe hand finished. So I am looking for something like a levitate, dancer, or equilibrium on canvas rather than on paper. However, I’d love to see any types of ballet artwork from Martin Whatson you have. Thanks again!


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