Martyn Reed / Nuart

Some of you will know me as/from the Nuart Festival or Nuart/Reed Projects etc on various forums. I generally haven’t mentioned my own work over the years, but thought it was time to pull a few threads of my own practice together and archive work on my own website. These works and interventions have been produced between 1991 and the present day, the site will be updated with selected essays and published critiques over the coming weeks and months. I’ll hopefully also find the time to scan and upload earlier pre-digital works from slides and photos at some point, the earliest street work in Norway being from 1995. Cheers for looking.


Cut out and Keep : Valbergtårnet, Stavanger 1995.


Stilig :metal:t3: :metal:t3:

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Love the alter in front of the atm! Great work!