Nuart Gallery

Dear, Kunstveggen friends

First of all, a hard hitting artist for the gentle launch of a major change over from Reed Projects Gallery to Nuart Gallery and Project Space, a not for profit dedicated to placing art in public space. Jeff Gillette launches this Thursday at kl1900. Join the celebration. All invited! EVENT PAGE

Nuart Gallery was established as a way to utilize the network’s created through the development of Stavanger’s Nuart Festival and other public art projects.

The space aims to nurture emerging regional and national talent whilst at the same time hosting and producing exhibitions and public art projects from some of the world’s leading street and contemporary artists.

We exhibit a broad range of work influenced by Street Art, Illustration, Drawing, Graffiti, Urbanism, Subculture and Popular Culture. Our goal is to cultivate a space where artists can develop their practice; contribute to a sense of “shared values”, and engage the community in contemporary debates surrounding street art and its associated movements. At the same time, invited artists are encouraged to create both sanctioned and unsanctioned work in the public space.


I stedet for å lage en egen tråd ang NuArt Gallery skriver jeg her.
#1 Hva skjedde med NuArt Gallery? Gikk de konkurs eller? Kommer de til å åpne igjen?
#2 Hva skjedde med all kunsten de hadde? De hadde noe jeg svært gjerne skulle kjøpt.


Nuart galleriet er lagt ned og mye er solgt unna men det er noe igjen. Jeg er med i Nuart gjengen så det er bare å ta kontakt om det er noe jeg kan hjelpe med.


#1 The gallery was established to support Nuart Festival and keep our network active all year around, as the scene developed over the six years it existed, it required more and more time to administrate sales, leaving us less and less time to do what we love best, getting work on the streets.
#2 It was sold or returned to the artists, the work the gallery owned outright is in storage.
#3 Will the gallery return? at this point we have no plans to open a public gallery though we do still work placing works with clients.