Pejac So Far So Close trykk til salgs

Selger et Pejac ‘So far so close’ monotype trykk.

Mint tilstand.
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Sendes i original trekasse fra Pejac.
Edition 60.

Pris: 70K

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Info om trykket fra Pejac’s hjemmeside:

So Far, So Close comes in a run of only 60 copies, all hand-finished by the artist. These copies, measuring 110 x 80 cm, are the result of a painstaking multiphase production process that adds a novel feature to Pejac’s printmaking practice: the use of the monotype technique.

Each hand-painted monotype ‘stains’ the Korean Kozo mulberry paper with ochre spots that are meant to accentuate certain parts of the actual image, making the scene just a tad more atmospheric. It’s worth pointing out that the result of the monotype treatment is different every time, making each copy absolutely unique.

As the Kozo paper goes onto the photopolymer printing plate, it is at the same time glued on top of Velin d’Arches cotton paper, rendering the print two-layered and thereby increasing its aesthetic value. Once the print has been pulled off the plate by hand, Pejac applies different shades of acrylic and coloured pencils to different areas of the print, which makes it even more special.


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