Seeking the following by Martin Whatson - Cash ready

I am seeking some harder to find pieces. If you have any of these and wish to sell or know someone who owns one and may wish to sell please point me in the right direction. Can message here or Prefer messages with details on what you have (size and edition size since many vary) and asking price if possible.

Thanks a bunch - now for the list

Full size:

Tiger - on aluminum only (I know there is at least one of these out there)
Stag - Acryllic or HF
Toucan - Acryllic or on Blue Background
Polar bear - Grey and black variant
The crack
Dancer - Black background or red acryllic
En pointe - canvas only
Zero tolerance - Acrylic only
Climber - Acrylic only

With Snik - Souls apart
With Snik - Memories Fade Away
With Snik - We are all falling (Falling girl) (Flowing away - whatever the right name is)
With Pez - Twin Pix

Small 30x30 canvases - really any but the following are highest on my list:
White Out
Paint Love or Make Love heart
Any others.

Thanks a bunch for looking - I am cash ready so if looking to move something please let me know. Thanks

There is a Acrylic Tucan on finn now.

Thank you - I think this is the same piece that has been listed on FInn 3-5 times now. It might be two different ones but the acrylic Toucan keeps going up there. Im all for fair pricing but the piece keeps not selling and the price keeps going up. I think it was first listed about $3200-3400. I offered something like $2800 (In retrospect should have paid the 3200 or whatever) 6-9 months ago. Then it keeps getting relisted higher and higher and not selling. There might be two pieces, but I think its one. In any case the price keeps going up on Finn without a sale as far as I can tell. I am not sure if it’s really for sale or if the price is just gonna keep rising!

But thank you very much - it is appreciated and I have emailed the owner.



The same that happens on eBay with fake bids also happens on, so your theory is probably right!:+1:t3: