Aesthetic Prosthetic 3 - Charity auction for Palestine

Hei Kunstveggen!
Vi håper og tror at denne auksjonen og utstillingen kan være interessant for ganske mange her inne!
Beklager at resten kommer på engelsk, men da sparer vi mye oversetting.
Vi svarer på norsk for de som vil! ^^

Aesthetic Prosthetic 3!

We are extremely proud and happy to announce that our next street art auction will be held on
Friday November 30th, at Skur 14 in Bergen Norway.

Prior to the auction, there will be a three day exhibition, with lectures on Street Art and Palestine. Please come by if you have the chance!

This year, the following artists are donating!

AFK (No), Alice Pasquini (It), Blub (It), Carrie Reichardt (UK), Clet (It),
Dr. D (UK), Ener Konings (No), Gaia (US), Fintan Magee (Au),
Hamza Abu Ayyash (Pal), Helen Bur (UK), HEX (Au), Hegre_One (No),
Hyoru (Ar), Icy & Sot (Ir), Isaac Cordal (Es), Jan Vormann (Ge), Jim FitzPatrick (Irl), JPS (UK), KnowHope (Is), Louis Masai (UK), Martin Whatson (No), Milu Corresh (Ar), Miss.Printed (No), NAFIR (Ir), Nimi(UK/No), Nipper (UK/No), Octavio Serra (Es), Pure Evil (UK), RC (No), Rouge (fr), Run (Ir), Sedin Zunic (No), Sinnsykshit (No), Skurk (No), Swoon (US), Tegson (No)

We are humbled, grateful and extremely proud that all these great artists show their solidarity with Palestine by donating a piece of work to us. Thank You! You really are the Stars…

Starting very shortly. we will post about 3-4 lot numbers daily. They will come with details and pictures, plus links to the artists social media platforms if you want to explore them further, so please stay tuned…
There are some real goodies and pieces not otherwise available on offer here!
Rumours even has it one of the participating artists will be donating his last piece of work under his current signature, so that’s a bit special…

We hope people from all over the world will join us, so to make this as accessible as possible, the auction will be streamed live.
If you can’t be at Skur 14 on the night, bidding can be made anonymously (for other bidders) via the messenger service Wire.
There will also be an option to bid by proxy.
All bidders must sign up prior to the auction. You can get the bidders contract by emailing us at, or, DM on our facebook page

Aesthetic Prosthetic exist with the purpose of showing solidarity with the
Palestinian people by raising money to the victims of the Israeli occupation through our beneficiary:
The Artificial Limbs and Polio Center (ALPC) in Gaza.
Aesthetic Prosthetic is 100% voluntarily run, so ALL proceedings from auction (minus maybe a few cheap IKEA frames to do the donated prints a minimum of justice on the exhibition) will be donated to ALPC!

If you have any questions, email us or DM on Facebook!

Also big shout out to our friends at Nuart, we couldn’t have done it like this without you…

We are very grateful if you like, share and help us spread the word!

Enjoy the art! Happy bidding! And remember:
Wisdom is Action!


Spent på hva som vil være til salgs fra Isaac Cordal.

Lykke til!

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Kjempebra initiativ! Lykke til :slight_smile:

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Supert initiativ og veldig bra line-up :+1:t3:

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Meget bra🙌🏻

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Rått! Dette blir spennende :slight_smile:

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LOT no. 1

Pure Evil (UK)
Spray on Canvas
100 x 100 cm
Made especially for auction

Facebook here
Instagram here
Bio here

Lot no. 2

Miss.Printed (No)
“the day harry didn’t show up at work”
Giclèe on 308 gsm Hahnemühle paper
24 x 34 cm

Based on locative collage by Miss.Printed
Comes with C.o.A
Original main edition of 15.

Miss.Printed facebook here
Miss.Printed insta here
Miss.Printed bio in comment section under Lot no. 2 here

Lot no. 3

Jan Vormann (Ge)
“Brick 12”
Sculpture made of Brick and Lego
12 x 25 x 7 cm

Jan Vormann Facebook here
Jan Vormann Insta here
Jan Vormann Bio in comment section under Lot no. 3 here

And our brand new instagram account here


Lot no. 4

Spray on Canvas
60 x 60 cm

Based on mural from Nuart Festival 2018.

Nafir facebook here
Nafir insta here
Nafir bio in comment section under lot 4 here


Lot no. 5

Martin Whatson (No)
28 color Screen print on 300 gsm Somerset paper
108 x 58 cm
AP 12/20

Main ed. 195

Martin Whatson facebook here
Martin Whatson insta here
Martin Whatson bio in comments under Lot no. 5 here

Lot no. 6

Ener Konings (No)
Collage on 300 gsm paper

Ener Konings facebook here
Ener Konings insta here
Ener Konings bio in comments under Lot no. 6 here

Need bidders contract? Mail to: or DM on facebook page.


Lot no. 7

Blub (It)
“Subangel Peacemaker”
Acrylic on gas outlet door
40 x 60 cm

Made especially for auction

Blub facebook here
Blub Instagram here
Blub bio under comments on Lot no. 7 here


Lot no. 8

Sedin Zunic (No)
“Why should all the Pigs have all the Money?”
Spray on cut metal plate
70 x 70 cm

Sedin Zunic facebook here
Sedin Zunic insta here
Sedin Zunic bio in comments under Lot no. 8 here


Lot no. 9

Dr. D (UK)
Poster (signed and numbered)
51 x 76 cm

We have received all 4 APs made of this.
*First appeared on street in 2015.

Dr. D on Facebook here
Dr. D on insta here (Highly recommended)
Dr. D bio in comments under Lot no. 9 here

Lot. no. 10

“Banksy Balloon”
Spray on Canvas
60 x 60 cm
AP 1/1

The balloon from the unofficial collaboration “JPS vs Banksy MK2”
(check Bio link)

JPS facebook here
JPS insta here
JPS Bio in comments under Lot no. 10 here

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Lot no 11

RUN (Iran)
Acrylics on Canvas
70x70 cm

Run facebook her
Run insta her
Run bio her