Veldig morsom historie! Ikke verst det hun lagde heller. Mye dystert


"The paintings were once housed in the Manhattan studio of Orrin Riley, an art conservator who started the conservation department at the Guggenheim Museum and later ran his own restoration business — where he restored several de Koonings.

After Riley’s death in 1986, his partner, Susanne Schnitzer, took over the business. Schnitzer was killed by a garbage truck as she crossed a Midtown street in 2009.

The executors of her estate — friends from New Jersey — were in charge of disposing of the art left behind. They scrambled to contact as many of the paintings’ owners as they could find but were still left with hundreds of works, Killen said.

Not knowing what they had — they thought they merely had de Kooning prints — and burdened by monthly storage fees, they decided to get what they could for the contents of the locker and called auction houses looking for buyers.



Artig historie :slight_smile: Leser gjerne flere slike om folk finner slikt :slight_smile:



Fin story! :slight_smile: